Granita, Margarita, Belini, Slush Machine(s).


Dear Friends
I like to take this opportunity to tell you that we are not a company that acquires machines in garage sells and at auction turns around and list them on ebay (as is test your luck kind of thing) .We are a different kind of company starting in 1982 with espresso machine. We marketed our first granita machine in the early 90s. Our policy from day 1 has been to bring every machine in our workshop and not just polish the outside but rather put all the technicians' attention on the inside. We test our espresso machine following our one hundred-point checklist and on our granita machine we have a 50 points checklist. Perfect we are not but we make dam sure that no machine will get out our service department with problems. Quite often we help callers with preventive maintenance on granita machines they have acquired in a variety of ways. Those callers find us on the web and need parts for their machine, which we stock in comfortable quantities for every machine in the market. We don't limit ourselves to taking orders and shipping parts without trying to help and find out why such a part failed what function of the machine has been abused. We welcome callers that need help not just the ones that need parts or machines. We guarantee every machine that leaves our showroom to be in excellent working condition. We offer warranty according to the use that the machine will be placed in (for example a machine that will be used for home parties will have a longer warranty that a machine that is going to be used in a convenient store). I am confident my presentation will leave many questions to be answered.

For any questions, please Call Domenic