Grani 2000

The new granita Machine Grani 2000 was created with the most advanced and sophicated technics, to remove several difficulties that till today common to a lot of traditional granita machine.

Grani 2000 is available in following three versions Grani 1 container, Grani 2 containers, Grani 3 containers. Also with a version of automatic charging. The simple and easy controls for each function.

Besides, each tank has individual functions. Disassembly of each part in contact with the product happens in a very simple way and without any use of implements. Technics is joined with an elegant line with limited obstacles. The product is completed with shining and personable covers which attract the attention on drinks production.

Grani 2000
1 Container

Grani 2000
2 Container

Grani 2000
3 Container


The Smallest slush machine in which tradition and technology joints. Allowing approriate working just with 1 liter of product without any problem of emulsion or disbursement of the product. The only one with a compact and likable design up 6 liters of capacity, vertical double spiral. Project especially for coffee granita, make easy everykind of delicious slush.

Simple maintenance, very low energy consumption and ... we'll let you find out the rest!!

Uno Bambina

Duo Bambina